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Aluminum Window Replacement

Aluminum windows offer many advantages—they are aesthetically pleasing, affordably priced and incredibly durable. Aluminum Window are easy to maintain and clean, making them a wise choice for apartment buildings, condos, townhomes or commercial real estate. If you’re considering aluminum window replacement, contact the Glass West Window Replacement Sacramento.

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What are the Benefits of Aluminum Windows in Sacramento?

Aluminum windows are exceptionally durable—they are known for their ability to resist denting and weather related rotting, splitting, warping, or shrinking. The structural integrity of aluminum makes them an ideal choice for apartment buildings, condos, townhomes, custom homes or commercial buildings. Aluminum window frames meet the highest standard for air and water infiltration, which means that (with proper insulation) air and water will not leak through the frames at joints, sashes, or weather-stripping.

Aluminum window require little to no maintenance. Besides a typical wipe-down of surface debris and dust, Aluminum windows do not require repainting or heavy cleaning.

Unfortunately, aluminum frames are the least energy efficient window replacement choice. Because of the metal’s conductivity, it tends to hold heat and cold. Energy loss can be reduced if the aluminum windows are double paned and use some kind of a “thermal break.” When shopping for an aluminum window frame, it is important to choose one with properly designed “thermal breaks.” Also, aluminum windows that are improperly insulated are subject to condensation—ensure your windows are properly insulated to reduce the chance of condensation. Aluminum frames are best in moderate, salt-free climates, like the Sacramento Area.

One of the major advantages of aluminum frames is their ability to offer great diversity in design. The frames can be made extremely sleek in appearance and offer great stability for a custom projects. Aluminum window frames can meet many architectural specifications that plastic windows cannot. They can also be purchased in virtually any color!

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