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Glass West repairs & replaces sunroom screen doors.

Do you want to get your sunroom back in use, but the screens are broken or torn? We can help with that! We can custom fit any screen size you have, and we carry all the common screen sizes with us. Also if your sunroom is needing new windows, we of course cover that as well!

*Please note: We do not supply new framing for sunroom screen. We offer rescreens of existing frames.

A+ From The BBB For Sunroom Screen Replacement & Repairs

Sunrooms were originally developed for farmhouse porches and buildings where foreign plans were stored in to shield them from the harsh

Weather patterns. Throughout the centuries, sunroom uses changed and now they are becoming a popular choice for a majority of homeowners. In the days we are living in, technological developments have contributed to the popularity of sunrooms and screen porches. Modern day advances in robust outdoor fabrics, electronically controlled blinds, heated flooring, sunrooms are becoming more comfortable by the day.

Sunrooms and screen rooms double up as fantastic ways which you can use in the expansion of your living space and get to enjoy the outdoors as you get protected from wild elements such as insects and harsh weather conditions. These two structures make it possible for the homeowner and his family or friends relax in the backyard despite the weather or temperature. Whether you are considering installing a brand new sunroom or having to convert a porch into a screened room, you should take the time to think through your options. Sunrooms, as well as screened porches, are similar in some ways, however; they offer varied benefits from each other.

One of the greatest benefit and advantages of a sunroom is the fact that this room is warmer than a screened porch. Sunrooms are known to offer protection from precipitation, cold temperatures, the wind and harsh sun rays. The window glass in a sunroom harnesses the sun rays and uses this energy to heat up the room further. With the new heated floors, sunrooms are perfect rooms which can be used all year round. However, you should keep in mind that the summer heat can be concentrated by your sunroom.

If you want to enjoy a pleasurable summer in your sunroom, ensure all its windows are open to vent the extra heat. Sunrooms are slightly expensive than screen rooms. However their costs are overridden by their benefits.

Screen Rooms:
The main benefit of a screen room is to help the occupant feel closer to nature with just screens between him/her and the great outdoors. A screen room provides much-needed shelter from the weather.
Screen rooms are usually recommended for three season use for homes that have been erected in warm climates. The beauty of having a screen room is their ability to be erected without too much expense.