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Furniture and Tables Top Glass Replacement

Glass West provides custom cut glass to add, or replace your fragile furniture tops. We provide custom sizes and designs for any dining table, patio table, end table, coffee table, office/computer desk, and office tables. We have been providing custom cut table glass replacement to the Sacramento Region since 1995!

Offering Table Top Glass Replacement & Table Top Glass Repair to the Sacramento Region

Glass top dining tables are very unique in the diversity of its designs. There are many custom shapes including oval shaped and round shaped glass top dining tables, and then you also have square and rectangle shaped dining tables.

The designs give you an opportunity to diversify, and a good reason to get away from wooden dining tables, which would normally have select range of designs.

– Glass top dining tables make a great design statement for your house. They grab attention in your house, and they could definitely up the class of your house.

– There are many varieties of glass furniture, so if you are running short on budget, you could choose a less expensive glass top dining table, otherise you can shoot for an expensive one.

– One of the main reasons why people now days opt for glass top furniture is its easy maintenance. Glass is very easy to make look new and vibrant, compared to wooden furniture, which tends to fade way sooner.

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