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Glass West’s windows are specifically engineered for replacing old windows of any style, shape or frame type. Our windows are a sensible and attractive solution for the homeowner faced with rising energy costs, excessive sound penetration, condensation between window panes or worn and outdated windows.

Our windows are custom built to order, which means a home’s structural framing remains untouched and windows fit existing sizes. And, they can be installed in 1-3 days depending on the number of windows-for homes with any type of exterior including stucco, wood or brick.

Award-winning, hi-tech innovations offer an extraordinary combination of protection against sound and ultraviolet rays.

And provide safety by including options for automatic locks and impact resistance glass. You can also get additional glass-coating options that retain heat in the winter and repel heat in the summer.

Glass west offers many options, in a wide variety of styles and configurations including picture windows, sliders, single and double hung, casement windows and matching . A homeowner may select from among several frame types within vinyl, aluminum, and fiberglass materials. Just stop by our shop, or contact us for more information, or you can use our free online quote form.

Replacement options:

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum replacement windows aren’t subject to splitting, warping, or shrinking, and they are exceptionally durable. They’re lightweight for those who might have trouble raising heavier windows, and they’ll provide many years of problem-free use. On the downside, aluminum windows improperly insulated are subject to condensation. They’re a great choice if you don’t live in coastal areas where salt in the air will quickly deteriorate the finish.

Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglas replacement windows are one of the newest varieties on the market. Because they are a relatively new product, the choices of styles, sizes, and colors aren’t as extensive as other varieties, but their overall quality and durability exceeds clad wood, vinyl, aluminum, and solid wood replacement windows. They are also the superior choice when considering very large windows since they are capable of supporting larger panes of glass. Additionally, Fiberglas can be painted, and it won’t warp, crack, peel, or split. It’s clearly one of the best options, if you’re willing to pay upwards of double the cost of ordinary vinyl windows.

Vinyl Windows

Unlike wood clad vinyl windows, regular vinyl windows are hollow inside, but they are still strong. Although they are dent resistant and sturdy, they can become distorted in areas of extreme cold or excessive heat. All things considered, vinyl windows are still a good choice since they are very affordable, and they provide good insulation for many years to come.
Ultra Windows

Made of glass fibers, it expands and contracts at the same rate as the insulated glass it holds. This puts less stress on the seals, reduces the chance for seal failure and results in a clear, fog-free window that lasts for years and years.

Vinyl Clad Windows

Vinyl clad wood replacement windows are virtually maintenance free, and they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Their insulating properties are excellent, and therefore a better choice for more drastic climates. Exterior scratches are less likely to show since color runs throughout the vinyl, and they will continue to look new and last for a number of years.

Aluminum Clad Windows

Aluminum clad wood replacement windows are also a great option, especially in milder climates. Insulating factors aren’t as great, but aluminum clad replacement windows are by far stronger than the vinyl clad variety. On the downside, they are more likely to become scratched, but they can be painted if necessary.