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Best Windows for the Sacramento, CA Climate

When it comes to selecting the best windows for the Sacramento CA climate, you need a high-quality window that can handle our variable climate. Sacramento has hot, dry summers and wet, mild winters–meaning you need windows that are effective at both reflecting away heat in the summer and locking in warmth during the winter.

Best Windows for Climate Control in Sacramento

Sacramento winters hover just above freezing at around 46 °F and summers easily hit the 100 °F mark. With such variables, finding the right windows is a must.

The main goal of selecting the best windows for your home is to reduce your energy costs as much as possible. This is a smart move both financially and for the environment.

Which windows will deliver efficiency year around in Sacramento’s climate?

The construction of your new windows, as well as the glass type, can make a big impact on your annual energy savings. For example, according to the Efficient Windows Collaborative, a homeowner in Sacramento can save as much $194 off annual energy costs by choosing LSG Low-E windows over clear windows with a metal frame.

When it comes to window selection, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Low-E Glass
Low-E glass has a microscopically thin, transparent coating that reflects heat. This makes Low-E Glass windows the most energy efficient in Sacramento. During the colder months, the glass reflects the heat back into the house, which in turn means that your heater does less work to keep you warm. The inverse it true during summer months. The windows allow less heat to pass through, making it much easier for your air condition to keep your inside climate comfortable.

Tinted Glass
Tinted glass allows less heat to pass through, making energy costs lower during the summer months. However, unlike Low-E Glass, tinted glass doesn’t trap heat in during the winter. Since Sacramento has cooler winter months, tinted glass isn’t always the best option. But, depending on your window configuration and location, it may be an ok option.

Clear Glass
Like the name sounds, clear glass is just plain glass. This glass is the least energy efficient since it does not prevent heat from entering the home. Think of your untinted car windows as an example.

Window frames come in several types (Metal, Metal Improved, Non-Metal, Non-Metal Improved). The most effective window frames for Sacramento CA climate fall into the non-metal, thermally improved category and include frame styles such as vinyl, hybrid, and composites.

The best windows for your Sacramento home will also depend on a few factors that are unique to each home:

  • Where within the region are you located? Some areas of Sacramento tend to have more trees and shading than other (think Folsom, Roseville, and Rocklin vs Downtown Sac, Natomas Sprawl, and Arden-Arcade).
  • What is your window orientation? Are your windows distributed evenly throughout the house? Or do your largest windows face North, East, West or South?
  • How large are your windows? Are your windows small, moderate or large?
  • What type of shading do you have? Do you have overhangs, trees, and shades keeping the sun out? Or is your home exposed directly to the sun?

Check out the Efficient Windows Collaborative’s Window Selection Tool, a step-by-step decision-making tool designed to help Sacramento homeowners select the most energy-efficient windows for their homes. Or, just give Glass West a call and we can help you select the best windows for your Sacramento area home.

Best Windows for the Sacramento CA Climate