Woodclad windows offer the durability and beauty of wood inside the home, and the quality and resilience of weatherproof aluminum or vinyl on the outside. They are a wonderful choice for those who want the rich look of wood on the interior and exceptional strength and durability on the exterior. Clad windows are the most expensive replacement alternative, but they provide the best of both options.

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These windows are fully wood on the inside and are usually clad with aluminum on the outside. They share the efficiency properties of the fully wooden windows and to those similar to fiberglass windows. These windows offer the benefits of wood and aluminum/vinyl windows combined.

Enjoy the look of full wood interiors, with the durability of metal. These hybrid window frames generally more expensive than vinyl or fiberglass windows, but the look is worth the price to many window buyers. Wooden interiors may require more maintenance with this style as opposed to more basic styles. Energy efficiency is basically the same as other wooden windows, which is not really noticeable in terms of energy dollars spent/saved.