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Fiberglass Windows & Patio Doors

Fiberglass replacement windows are one of the newest varieties on the market. Because they are a relatively new product, the choices of styles, sizes, and colors aren’t as extensive as other varieties, but their overall quality and durability exceeds clad wood, vinyl, aluminum, and solid wood replacement windows. They are also the superior choice when considering very large windows since they are capable of supporting larger panes of glass. Additionally, Fiberglas can be painted, and it won’t warp, crack, peel, or split. It’s clearly one of the best options if you’re willing to pay upwards of double the cost of ordinary vinyl windows.

Fiberglass Window Repair & Fiberglass Window Replacement by Glass West

They are stronger than most wood or vinyl windows and have less chance of warping.
Fiberglass framed windows can be painted similar to wood frames, unlike vinyl.
“Greener” than vinyl or wood because fiberglass windows are made with about 60% glass, and glass can be recycled.
Closer to the appearance of wood windows than vinyl windows.
Unlike wood windows, it is not necessary to paint fiberglass windows.
Considered more upscale than vinyl windows, which will give you a better resale value.

Fiberglass windows have not been around for very long, so we don’t know have proven durability examples.
They also tend to be more expensive than other framing materials for the same level of quality and performance.
Installation is harder with fiberglass windows-therefore it can cost more to install them.
Very limited size and color selection, which usually means you’ll need to paint them.

Fiber Glass Windows