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Aluminum Clad Window Replacement

Aluminum clad windows are constructed of a hardwood center and surrounded by an aluminum skin. Aluminum clad window replacement is a great option, especially in the milder climates of the Sacramento region. Consider Aluminum Clad if you’re looking for durable, low maintenance windows that exhibit the appearance of finely crafted wood windows. Our Window Replacement specialists provide aluminum clad window replacement in the Sacramento region.

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Weigh Your Options

  • Aluminum clad gives the stunning appearance of a wood crafted window with the elemental protection of an aluminum frame.
  • The properties of the aluminum allows the metal to expand and contract with changes in temperature, offering a virtually impenetrable barrier to the harshness of the outdoors.
  • No hard choices—with Aluminum Clad you’ll get the benefits of modern technology and beauty offered by natural wood. The interior of the frame displays stunning natural wood, while the exterior aluminum protects against the elements.
  • Aluminum clad windows eliminate the extra work associated with traditional wood frames. No spending your summer scraping and painting the exterior frames.
  • Insulating factors aren’t great with Aluminum Clad Windows, so potential of condensation and loss of efficiency exists.
  • The window frames are more likely to become scratched, so occasional touch-up paint may be required.
Aluminum Clad Window Replacement