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Windows That Increase Restaurant Curb Appeal

If your restaurant is located in a busy area of town, it can be hard to stand out from the competition. Improving the exterior design can do wonders for attracting new customers. But what works? Along with the right type of commercial glass for storefronts, attractive windows are essential if you’re looking to increase restaurant curb appeal.

Top 3 Windows That Increase Restaurant Curb Appeal

There are many factors that go into attracting customers to dine at your establishment. However important, great food and service is only part of the appeal. The right atmosphere and aesthetics can be just as important to the dining experience.

That’s why the team at Glass West put together this list of restaurant curb appeal ideas for the best window types for restaurants:

Picture Windows

Our top choice for restaurant exterior design ideas are picture windows. Also referred to as ‘fixed windows’, many restaurants choose this style due to their large size. Picture windows are a great choice if your restaurant has a scenic view, which creates extra entertainment for diners. They are also preferred for cafe and restaurant fronts as they allow passersby to catch a glimpse of the interior of your restaurant.

This ‘preview’ that picture windows provide is a great way to increase restaurant cub appeal. However, there are downsides to this style of window. Since they’re fixed, they can’t open to allow fresh air in. That being said, they add extra security since they can’t be opened.

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Casement Windows

Casement Windows are another great choice to increase restaurant curb appeal. This style of window is hinged on either the left or right side. They are easily opened by either a push or a crank handle. Casement windows are the perfect choice for your business if you’re located in a temperate climate where weather is ideal most days of the year.

Open windows at the entrance of your restaurant can be a welcoming sight to potential customers. The downside to casement windows is the space they require to open. Since they swing in or out, they need extra room. So unless you have space to spare, this window style may not be right for your restaurant.

restaurant exterior design ideas

Awning Windows

If you’re looking for restaurant entrance design ideas that are functional and stylish, awning windows may be what you need. Similar to casement windows, this style is hinged. However, awning windows are smaller and swing outward from the bottom. The great thing is, they can be customized to be at either the top or bottom of larger, fixed windows. This means you can have the benefit of both picture AND casement windows.

This allows for ample air ventilation without letting in the elements. Since they do open outward, some extra space is required so they can open properly. With that said, they usually aren’t large enough to cause the same problem a large casement window could pose.

types of windows for restaurants

Window Glass Options

Once you’ve chosen a window style that you feel will increase your restaurant curb appeal, it’s time to select the type of commercial window glass. This can be just as important as some glass limits your diners’ view.

  • Security Glass – Security glass has a special laminate that holds the glass together if it breaks.
  • Tempered Glass – This glass option is designed to crumble into rounded shards, reducing injury if it shatters.
  • Clear Glass – If you want to attract passersby, clear glass gives the best view for potential diners.
  • Frosted/Tinted – Frosted and tinted windows provide more privacy and can make your restaurant look more exclusive.

No matter which window option you choose, the experts at Glass West are here for all your commercial window glass repair and replacement needs.

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