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Why Does Glass Get Foggy

Solved: Why Does Glass Get Foggy or Cloudy?

Are you starting to notice the glass in your windows is getting foggy or cloudy? It can be frustrating, especially when it’s a beautiful day outside and you’re trying to enjoy the view. Luckily, we’re here to help you solve the mystery of “why does glass get foggy or cloudy?” and offer ways to prevent this from happening. We’ll also discuss how to remove haze from glass windows when possible.

Why Does Glass Get Foggy?

If you’re wondering why you have cloudy glass windows, there are several possible causes. Let’s look at these potential reasons and their solutions.

Window Damage From Water

Why does glass get foggy? One of the most common reasons for glass to become foggy or cloudy is water damage. This can be from a leaky window, condensation, or even humidity in the air. When the seals at the bottom sit in water they can deteriorate and the seal can be damaged.

Quality windows are less likely to deal with this. When you’re looking at purchasing windows try to make sure they have weep holes or channels. Unfortunately, once the water is inside it’s usually too late to fix the windows and they’ll need to be replaced.

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Window Damage From Heat

Another common reason for glass to become damaged is heat which can result in a cloudy film on windows. If the windows are in direct sunlight they can get too hot and the sealant can start to deteriorate. Older windows are also more susceptible to this problem. Newer windows have a Low-E coating which helps reflect the heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays.

This is especially true in hotter climates and affects the Southern facing windows the most. Once the seals deteriorate, humidity and moisture can get it. There isn’t much you can do to avoid this, unfortunately, except to get high-quality windows. You will need your windows replaced once the moisture gets in.

Window Damage From Time

As windows age, they can become foggy or cloudy from just general wear and tear. The elements can take their toll on windows and after years of exposure, they can become damaged. Even the best quality windows will eventually need to be replaced due to this type of damage.

The seals can start to deteriorate, the glass can get scratched, and dirt can build up. You can clean your windows regularly to help prevent this, but eventually, you will need to replace them. Take a look at our glass window cleaning guide for help on how to clean cloudy double pane windows as well as regular.

As you can see, there are a few different answers to the question, “Why does glass get foggy?” The best solution is to prevent this problem by installing high-quality windows and maintaining them properly. If you’re noticing your windows are starting to get foggy or cloudy, give Glass West a call. We’re your local experts in glass window and door replacement and are standing by to offer you a free estimate!

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