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When Is it Time to Replace Wood Windows?

Many traditional and modern neighborhoods and homes feature a variety of wood windows. Wood windows are beautiful and energy efficient when proper maintenance, painting, and staining is kept up from year to year. Unfortunately, when this kind of maintenance doesn’t happen, the time to replace wood windows has come.

When to Replace Wood Windows

Problems Due to Old Wood Windows

We are often asked, “Should I replace my old wood windows?” Whether or not you need to replace wood windows depends on their condition and what you are trying to achieve. Wood windows experience a lot of expanding and contracting in response to weather conditions. This is why careful maintenance and upkeep is critical for wood windows.

Most homeowners find that replacing old wood windows is necessary because over the years, the maintenance has not been consistent, and there is rot damage or warping that has ruined the windows and made them difficult to open and close.

Broken window glass presents an obvious need to replace an old window. In addition to broken glass, if you have experienced water leakage, foggy glass, or see any other signs of damage to the windows, then the best course of action is to repair or replace windows to prevent further problems.

repair or replace windows
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How to Know When to Replace Wood Windows

When you know your wood windows fit the description of any of the above scenarios, it’s time for replacement windows. The good news is, replacing your old windows will increase the value of your home, lower your window maintenance, and make your home more energy efficient.

There are several clear-cut situations where window replacement is necessary. Issues that often require you to replace wood windows include:

  • Fater leakage
  • Foggy windows
  • Damaged glass
  • Broken muntins or mullions
  • Stuck sashes
  • Poor exterior casing

Sometimes, one or two isolated issues can be fixed with upgraded parts and repair, but not always. If you’ve identified more than one issue from that list that describes your windows, then replacement is a good option to consider. It’s always best to have a qualified expert evaluate your windows and explain your options.

What Type of Replacement Windows Should I Buy?

There are several options nowadays when you replace wood windows. Aluminum, vinyl, and wood windows are all options for replacement. You can also get glass coating that will repel the summer sun and retain the winter heat for increased efficiency. Let’s explore some options further.

Aluminum – durable, lightweight, good option if you don’t live near the ocean where salt water can damage the finish.

Aluminum clad – affordable, strong, acceptable for mild climates, can be painted if necessary.

Fiberglass – excellent option for large windows, can be painted, superior durability.

Vinyl – affordable, good insulation, not suited for extreme weather.

Vinyl clad – virtually maintenance free, available in many styles and colors, and a better choice for drastic climates.

Wood – classic beauty, natural insulation, higher maintenance, expensive.

Woodclad – the beauty of wood interior with weatherproof exterior gives you the best of both worlds.

replacing old wood windows

The experts at Glass West offer wood window replacement Sacramento as well as repair for old windows that don’t need replacement. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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