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Safety Tips: What to Do When a Window Breaks

A broken window in your home or business is more than just a mess of broken glass. It’s a situation that can threaten your safety and peace of mind. However, knowing what to do when a window breaks can not only prevent injury but also restore your sense of security and well-being. These steps can help determine what happened and how to initiate a safe cleanup.

What to Do When a Window Breaks to Stay Safe

When the unexpected occurs it helps to have a proven procedure to address the aftermath. These steps and safety tips for how to deal with a broken window will pave the way to a quick repair.

Determine What Caused the Broken Window

One of the first steps to take after a window breaks is figuring out the cause. This is important because a broken window may bring other risks. While an errant baseball or children playing is an accident with little concern for additional harm, other situations require immediate action.

When a storm causes a broken window there may be water damage and debris to contain. Meanwhile, if a window is broken during a break-in, family or employees should vacate the building and the police should be informed.

what to do when a window breaks

Block Off the Area for Safety

The next step for what do when a window breaks involves blocking off the area to prevent injury. Shattered glass can travel quite far, requiring a large boundary around the broken window to protect customers, family members, and pets.

If possible, ensure that everyone leaves the room and that the door is closed behind you. If there is no door in the room, make sure adults are aware of what happened and separate children and pets from the scene. For a commercial business, you may have to cordon off the area to create a clear boundary around the window.

Carefully Clean Up the Broken Glass

Knowing how to clean up broken glass correctly avoids injury and gets the job done thoroughly. These steps illustrate the proper precautions and cleaning methods:

  1. Wear the right clothes to prevent injury: this includes sturdy, closed-toed shoes, long pants, and heavy-duty work gloves
  2. Start with the biggest pieces: with your hands, place large shards in a double-layered paper bag. If possible, carefully remove any hanging shards from the window. Place the paper bag in a plastic trash bag before depositing it in your trash receptacle.
  3. Use a broom and dustpan to sweep up smaller pieces, placing them in a paper bag before depositing in the trash
  4. Vacuum the area thoroughly. This is especially important for carpeted areas that can trap glass
  5. Cover any remaining glass in the window frame with a towel, leaving it for the safe removal of a repair technician

how to deal with a broken window

Cover the Broken Window Opening

One of the last steps for how to fix a broken window involves covering the window opening until it can be repaired. This discourages break-ins and protects against further damage and inclement weather. While a small crack can be secured with clear packing tape, here’s how to cover large gaps:

  1. Tape a tarp, shower curtain or heavy-duty black trash bags around the broken window to seal off the entire frame
  2. Nail scrap wood around the interior window frame as the best protection against robbery or weather damage

Glass West can help secure your home or business as quickly as possible with our 24-hour emergency board up service. We know what to do when a window breaks to rapidly secure the area before a full repair.

Schedule Glass Window Replacement Service

Contacting a professional window replacement service is the final step in what to do when a window breaks. A professional glass replacement company ensures that your window is replaced correctly.

The technicians at Glass West provide the utmost in professional window repair and replacement services for a home or business. Call us to speak to a specialist today.

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