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What is Low-E Glass?

If you’ve recently looked into ways to make your home more energy efficient, you may have come across many resources that recommend Low-E glass, but what is Low-E glass?

Low-E Glass Explained

Low-E glass is short for low emissivity, which is just a fancy word for the ability of a material to radiate energy. Glass that is treated with a microscopic Low-E coating has greater insulation capabilities than normal glass because it doesn’t allow the heat from the sun through. That means that it will only allow light from the sun to pass through while blocking heat to help keep your indoor temperature where you want it.

To understand what is Low-E glass and how it makes the most energy efficient windows, we’ve got to look at the solar spectrum of light. Light from the sun is made up of three different types of light: there’s the visible spectrum of light that we see, invisible Ultraviolet (UV) light, and invisible Infrared (IR) light. Together these create the solar spectrum of light that we receive as energy from the sun. Each of these types of light has a specific wavelength, and by blocking certain wavelengths and allowing others through, we can make sure that we’re only getting the kinds of light that we want.

Low-E Glass Window Benefits

Low-E coatings are designed to reflect both the UV and IR parts of the solar spectrum. By reflecting these parts of the spectrum, Low-E coatings help homeowners by:

  • Reducing heat transfer through windows
  • Protecting rugs and furniture from UV rays that cause them to fade
  • Saving money through better insulation

You may be wondering if Low-E glass coating will keep natural light from getting into your home, but these coatings are specifically designed to let in the full spectrum of visible light while blocking harmful UV and IR rays. Your home will be as well-lit and beautiful as ever, and by blocking UV rays you’ll protect the look of your furniture, rugs, or flooring. With untreated windows, any furniture that is near the windows will quickly start to fade from the sun’s intense UV rays.

Low-E Glass Window Cleaning

Since Low-E coatings are applied between the two panes of your windows, they won’t require any sort of special cleaning. You can clean your windows exactly like you normally would without having to worry about messing up the Low-E treatment. This means that you won’t have to worry about your coating getting scratched or worn away by the elements either.

Energy Efficient Windows

By using windows that are created with Low-E glass, you’ll significantly boost the energy efficiency of your home. Windows with Low-E glass are the most energy efficient windows on the market. Homes with Low-E glass windows retain heat and air conditioning far better than homes with untreated windows. Untreated windows absorb the sun’s heat, actively pushing it into your home. This makes your HVAC system work twice as hard to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Save yourself some money on future energy bills by having your home’s windows treated with a specialized Low-E coating. You’ll be amazed at the difference something so small can make on your home’s efficiency.

We hope this answers all your questions regarding What is Low-E Glass! If you’re ready to install your own, contact a window installer, like Glass West in Sacramento.

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