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how to clean sliding glass door tracks

Sliding Glass Door Maintenance Tips

Routine sliding glass door maintenance can help your patio doors last for years. It doesn’t take much to keep them clean and in tip-top-shape. Common problems like sticky tracks and worn out rollers can be a pain to fix if left to linger for too long.

#Easy-to-Follow Sliding Glass Door Maintenance Tips

#1 Clean the Glass

Our first sliding glass door maintenance tip is the easiest of all. Clean the glass on your patio doors, inside and out, once a week to keep them pristine.

Grab a soft rag, a squeegee, and glass cleaner. Remove any loose dust, cobwebs, and dirt with a vacuum. Then spray the glass cleaner on the window and wipe with a rag. Last, use the squeegee to remove excess water or glass cleaner.

Make sure to do this to avoid streaks on your sliding glass door.

sliding glass door maintenance

#2 Clean the Frame

Many home owners forget to clean the frame of their sliding glass door. A dirty frame can be a major eyesore and lead to weather damage over time.

Use a soft cloth and warm soapy water to clean the interior and exterior frame. Use a Q-tip or your fingernail to get dirt out of those stubborn crevices. Avoid the use of harsh chemicals that may damage the frame.

#3 Clean & Lubricate the Tracks

One of the most neglected parts of sliding glass door maintenance is the track. Dirt, leaves, and other debris can quickly pile up in the tracks. This can cause your sliding glass door to stick and be difficult to open and close.

Clean the tracks at least once a month to remove all that build up. Use a vacuum hose attachment to remove the loose debris. Then use warm soapy water to wipe away all the stuck on dirt. You can use a butter knife or old toothbrush to clean inside the smaller grooves.

Once the tracks are clean, you can lubricate them to prevent further sticking. However, do not lubricate aluminum sliding tracks, as this can gum up the rollers.

#4 Replace Worn Out Parts

The weatherstripping and rollers can become worn or damaged over time. Cracked weatherstripping should be replaced to keep moisture, heat, and cold out. Damaged rollers should be replaced as well. If routine sliding glass door maintenance isn’t enough to make your patio shine, consider replacing them. Contact a professional sliding glass door installer.

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