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6 Benefits of Glass Shower Doors vs Shower Curtain

While shower curtains are an inexpensive way to add personality to the bathroom, glass shower doors have advantages beyond flair and upfront cost. What are the benefits of glass shower doors vs shower curtains? To begin with, they’re better at keeping water inside the shower and are much longer lasting. Learn more about the assets of glass shower doors and how they can bring both form and function to your bathroom.

Shower Doors vs Shower Curtains: What Gives Glass Shower Doors the Advantage?

Less maintenance, greater cost-effectiveness, and ease of use are just some of the advantages of glass shower doors vs shower curtains. We’ll review these benefits in detail to illustrate how shower doors are an investment worth making.

1. Glass Doors Keep Water In

Aesthetics aside, the purpose of shower curtains and doors is to keep water inside the shower. Are shower doors better than curtains at keeping water contained? Since they’re attached and sealed to the wall, floor, or tub rim, shower doors are decidedly better at keeping water in the shower. This not only saves other bathroom pieces from water damage, but also enhances your safety by eliminating slippery puddles on the floor.

2. Bathroom Looks More Spacious

When shower curtains are closed, they effectively close off the entire bathroom, making it seem smaller and more confined. Glass doors vs shower curtains expand the space, making even small bathrooms feel larger and more open. Options such as frameless doors or panels offer an even more spacious feeling, with minimal hardware creating a seamless, light and airy aesthetic.

shower doors vs shower curtain

3. Glass Shower Doors Last Longer Than Curtains

While glass shower doors have a higher upfront cost, their durability can mean greater cost-effectiveness in the long run. Curtains can quickly become stained or torn, requiring frequent replacements that add up in cost. Proper shower door cleaning methods can ensure that they’re an investment that looks brand new for years. Meanwhile, their long lifespan makes them a more earth-friendly option compared to disposable plastic curtains.

4. Doors Offer More Entry Options

There’s only one way to enter a tub with a shower curtain: slide the curtain open, step inside, and slide it closed. Shower doors vs shower curtains offer numerous entry options that can save space while increasing safety. Swinging, sliding or custom shower door styles provide multiple entry choices and can have built-in handles for greater support. These options offer greater flexibility for small or unique spaces and can make showering safer for the elderly or those with compromised mobility.

are shower doors better than curtains

5. Glass Doors Highlight Your Shower’s Interior

Does your shower have a unique tile pattern or a beautiful shower head? Instead of hiding them behind a closed curtain, show them off behind clear glass. The transparency of glass doors allows any shower attribute to add style and beauty to your bathroom. 

6. Increased Resale Value

Bathrooms and kitchens can sell a home with modern features and innovative designs. Glass shower doors have become an asset that not only makes the bathroom a focal point, but also adds resale value to your home. Specifically, custom or frameless doors can give any bathroom an updated and sleek appearance that provides instant style, appealing to buyers.

Given the advantages of glass shower doors vs shower curtains, let the experts at Glass West handle your shower door installation. Call us today to schedule a professional consultation!

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