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Residential Window Trends 2019

Forget resolutions… let’s talk window fashion! Check out the latest window trends 2019 has to offer and why this is such a hot topic.

Hottest Window Trends 2019

Whether you’re designing a new space or remodeling an old one, we’ve got the best window trends 2019 at your fingertips. Your space will be looking brighter in no time!

#1 Black Window Frames

Large windows in dark hues are not only modern, but black window frames can also complement classic decor as well. Hence, this style continues to entice designers with its charm. There is nothing more striking than having an unobstructed view set through a black frame.

Additionally, having a black painted window frame rather than a metal one allows one to change preferences down the road, such as painting on a fresh look when the old one becomes tiresome. For both interior and exterior windows, you can’t go wrong with these striking dark frames.

#2 Large Windows

Floor to ceiling glass can be accomplished with large windows that expand the view in any room. Homeowners seem to be gravitating more and more to large, fixed windows in varying shapes to complement the operative windows. Many manufacturers are producing windows sans grids to enhance the aesthetics of the finished look.

Fixed windows are a clear choice for viewing without the fuss of a screen to deal with. After all, glass is heavy and not everyone wants screens to clean. However, if you prefer screens, rest assured you may still have them and enjoy large windows with an open view wherever appropriate. Glass West offers products specially designed to satisfy the desire to have windows with a fuller view of the outdoors.

#3 Sleek, Clean Lines

When it comes to window trends 2019, you can’t go wrong with the clean, sleek look of simple windows with minimal frames. And black frames aren’t the only eye-catching color – you can create window-appeal to match any decor according to your preferences.

If you’re looking for a bright, sun-drenched effect, focus on lighter colors such as soft pastels and neutrals. Conversely, for a more dramatic look, you might try a dark metallic or matte color to catch the eye.

Whichever visual appeal you’re going for, sleek and clean lines will provide an updated look for every color scheme with more glass, less frame. Glass West professionals can guide you into windows that please in both design and function for every situation.

#4 Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows that look fabulous are only part of the equation. With today’s utility costs ever-rising, we also need windows that are energy-efficient. Even with the aid of solar panels, windows are needed to help maintain steady temperatures indoors. Otherwise, the overload on your air conditioner and heating system will redirect those solar savings into system repair.

Using glass with low-E glazing will reduce the environmental effects inside your home or office. Low-E glazing can reflect about 96% of radiant heat as opposed to standard glass that only reflects 16%.

Similarly, these energy-efficient windows also keep the indoor temperatures steady by not allowing the air temperature to emit to the outdoors. Therefore outside temperatures remain outdoors, and inside temperatures remain indoors. This lack of transfer maintains a steady temperature that is comfortable for everyone.

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