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how to remove fingerprints from glass

How to Remove Fingerprints from Glass

Ugh. Those stubborn fingerprint glass smudges won’t go away, obstructing an otherwise pleasant view from your window. You’ve tried glass cleaner over and over to remove fingerprints from glass, but they’re still there! What should you do?

Don’t fear, your solution is here! Believe it or not, a fairly simple process is the best way to go.

The secret to removing fingerprints from glass is found in every home — dish soap! Dish soap is designed to cut through grease and oils on your dishes, and that’s exactly what’s left behind on windows when you touch them. These greases and oils can be hard to remove with traditional window cleaners, hence the struggle to remove the fingerprints from windows.

However, if you follow these steps, those fingerprints won’t stand a chance. Here’s how to remove fingerprints from glass windows:

How to Remove Fingerprints from Glass Windows


Step 1: Gather your supplies: dish soap, clean towels and bucket.

In addition to the dish soap, grab some lint free cloths, newspaper or a squeegee, and a bucket.


Step 2: Fill bucket with warm water, add dish soap.

Fill the bucket with about a gallon of warm water and add a couple squirts of dish soap.


Step 3: Take cloth or towel and dip into solution, wipe away fingerprints from glass.

If the fingerprints are being super stubborn, add a few more squirts of dish soap to the warm water and attempt to wipe it away again.


Step 4: Wipe soap from windows.

These last two steps are very important for leaving your windows with a streak-free shine. Rinse the cloth with hot water, and use it to wipe the soap from the windows. Make sure all the soap is gone. You don’t want any residue remaining on the windows… that would defeat the purpose!


Step 5: Dry the glass with another lint-free cloth, or squeegee.

Thoroughly dry the window with a clean lint-free cloth or squeegee. This will help prevent any water streaks from being left behind.


Violà! Bask in the glory of your super clean, streak and fingerprint-free glass windows.

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