Clear Mirrors, also known as Fog-free mirrors keep your mirror clear even in the steamiest bathroom. Clear mirrors are perfect for all types of rooms, including bathrooms, shower enclosures, hotels, spas, and recreational vehicles. Glass West offers clear mirror installation, and clear mirror replacement to the greater Sacramento region. So if you want to get your clear mirror fixed, or if you would like to get one for the first time we’ve got you covered.

Fog Free Mirror & Clear Mirror Installation & Replacement

Clear Mirror Installation

Clearmirror defoggers are specially-designed heating pads that when adhered to the backs of mirrors, keep them dry and fog-free in the steamiest conditions. With the simple flip of a switch, the ClearMirror begins heating, providing a fogless mirror at all times for applying make-up, shaving, styling your hair or for any time you need clear vision… even if you just stepped out of the shower!

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There are multiple sizes to accommodate the diverse needs in homes, hotels/resorts, luxury watercraft, RV’s or anywhere you need fogless mirrors.  Shower clear mirrors attach to the shower or sauna wall to remain flush with the tile and allow you to clearly complete all tasks in the true fog free shower mirror. Whether you are trying to provide guests, customers, friends, family or yourself a little added convenience and comfort, there is a clear mirrors are perfect for you!