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How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Glass cabinets provide an airy lightness that brightens any kitchen. However, this window to your cabinet’s interiors also means their contents are on full display. Wondering how to style glass kitchen cabinets so they look their best? Designating a color palate for displayed items offers variety and uniformity. Use these glass kitchen cabinet display ideas to enhance their design and your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Where Form Meets Function: How to Style Glass Kitchen Cabinets

When stocking glass kitchen cabinets, appearance and functionality have to meet in the middle. This means stored items have to be appealing to the eye as well as accessible for daily use. Here’s how to style glass kitchen cabinets to be both decorative and practical.

Choose a Color Scheme

The best glass cabinet ideas on Pinterest and other design websites show that color is essential to styling. The right color palate can bring both uniformity and freshness to the kitchen, as well as illustrate your personal taste.

These tips detail how to decorate glass cabinets using a color scheme:

  • Choose 2-3 colors: While one color is too monochromatic and several can be chaotic, 2-3 complementary colors offer a cohesive but creative look.
  • Pair colors with another design feature: Choose colors that complement or play off another feature of your kitchen, such as a light fixture or rug.
  • Change it up: Switching out colors in accordance with the seasons or a holiday can give your whole kitchen a fresh look.
how to style glass kitchen cabinets
Photo Credit: Sanctuary Home Decor

Add Different Textural Elements

What looks good in a glass cabinet besides a pop of color? Different textures such as wood, metal or glass give depth to your cabinet’s style. Group white plates next to wooden bowls or add a piece of copper cookware on another shelf to vary your cabinet’s character. Meanwhile, pairing a stack of darker dishes next to glass cups and mugs can lighten and brighten the cabinet as well as the kitchen.

Maintain Balance and Symmetry

When considering what to put in glass front cabinets it’s important to keep balance and symmetry in mind. Grouping large pieces on one shelf or numerous small items on one side makes the room feel asymmetrical and the cabinet look cluttered.

Here’s how to style glass kitchen cabinets so they have a balanced appearance:

  • Stack items in columns: For cabinet doors with divided glass, store items in stacks or columns so they’re clearly visible when the doors are closed. 
  • Consider color and size: A large red bowl next to a stack of red plates steals both the room and the cabinet’s focus. Consider placing items of considerable color or size opposite or diagonally across from each other for better balance.
  • Combine large and small items on one shelf: Adding glasses next to a large pitcher or even a stack of cookbooks opposite ceramic bowls mixes up the design while still creating a balanced look.

Prioritize Function

The kitchen is likely the busiest room in the house, with heavy use day in and day out. If your glass kitchen cabinets look beautiful but aren’t practical for daily use, they’re not styled to their utmost potential. 

Follow these tips to ensure your glass cabinets are functional for your daily life:

  • Keep everyday items accessible: Make sure plates, cups and other daily items are on lower shelves so they’re easily reachable. This also makes it easier to put them away when emptying the dishwasher.
  • Store less-used items on higher shelves: This frees up space on lower shelving for more frequently-used dishes, bowls and glassware.
  • Keep cabinet placement in mind: Do you prefer your dishes to be closer to the stove or the dishwasher? Should cereal bowls be near the pantry or the refrigerator? Think about how you live and work in your kitchen and store cabinet items accordingly to streamline their functionality.
glass kitchen cabinet display ideas
Photo Credit: Thistle Wood Farms

Now that you know how to style glass kitchen cabinets, enhance the design and function of your home. Consult Glass West for all your glass repair and replacement needs!

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