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How to Maintain Wood Windows and Extend Their Lifespan

Despite the benefits of vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass window frames, wood windows still appeal to us for their beauty and practicality. However, like any valuable material, knowing how to maintain wood windows is essential in sustaining their unique attributes.

How to Maintain Wood Windows

Wood window maintenance is not just for old wood windows. On the contrary, regular maintenance is essential for all wood frames so they retain their benefits throughout the life of your house. Read on for more details on how to maintain wood windows by proper cleaning and caulking.

About Wood Windows

Oftentimes we find ourselves attracted to the look of wood windows for the historic appearance they can lend to a home. The craftsman-style quality they can take on has also been a popular home design trend for several years. But, aesthetics aside, wood windows are a practical material too. They are naturally insulating and can be easily painted or stained.

In addition, wood windows are available in almost every window style from picture windows to double hung casements and can be made in a variety of shapes using several types of wood.

how to maintain wood windows

Importance of Wood Window Maintenance

Knowing the downsides of wood window frames is essential to understanding how to maintain wood windows. Weather and moisture will take its toll on wood frames, leading to cracks and breakage. Paint and stain can chip and wear away with time while dirt can easily settle into the frame, causing the windows to look dingy and worn. Our blog on how to know if it’s time to replace wood windows gives some helpful signs to keep in mind.

Being aware of how to clean wood window frames is vital to keeping them looking their best while caulking them regularly will help them keep your home warm and dry.

How to Clean Wood Window Frames

Here are some quick and easy tips for how to clean wood window frames:

  1. Remove any visible dust: using a dry cloth rub loose dust off the window frame. Don’t be afraid to use a little elbow grease to remove that dust layer! Sweep or vacuum away any accumulated dust around your work area.
  2. Prepare your workspace and cleaning tools: soak a clean cloth in water and wring it out so it’s damp. Add regular dish soap to the cloth or a commercial wood cleaner if you have it. Drape a towel or tarp around your workspace to catch any dirty water.
  3. Washing the frame: using the damp, soapy cloth, scrub the window frame. The dirt should come off with ease but reapply soap and water to the cloth as needed.
  4. Clean Up: wash the glass of your windows and area around them if necessary. Use this period of time to also inspect the window itself, looking for any moisture or cracks in the caulking around your window.
how to clean wood window frames
Image from The Family Handyman

Caulking Wood Windows

Caulking is typically placed around the edges of the frame and protects the wood from taking on moisture, which can lead to cracks. These cracks decrease the frame’s ability to insulate your home, leading to a waste of money and energy that’s best to avoid. Refurbishing wooden window frames often involves replacing any damaged caulking, trimming away loose ends, or sealing any breaks with a good quality caulk that is specific to exterior use.

Glass West Inc. is happy to answer any questions you have about how to maintain wood windows and we’re here to help in the event that you need a wood window replacement. Give us a call to speak to a professional or get a free online estimate today!

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