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How to Keep Cold Air from Coming Through Windows

Winter has arrived, which means cold air will be trying to get past your windows and into your cozy home. There’s nothing more annoying than feeling a chill in the middle of the night when a gust of wind finds its way through the cracks. Avoid the discomfort and high energy bills this winter season by learning how to keep cold air from coming through windows.

4 Ways to Keep Cold Air from Coming Through Windows

There are many useful tips, tricks, and products when you need to keep cold air from coming through windows. We’ve covered everything from simple DIY fixes to professional window upgrades so you’re aware of all available options.

#1 Weather Sealing

One of the most common and effective ways to keep cold air out of windows is to install weather sealing strips or foam around the inside edges. This is a simple process that can be done by a novice along with some instruction which can be found online.

There are several material options including adhesive-backed foam, weather seal tape, and vinyl V strips. We recommend you inspect and clean your windows, apply foam tape weather stripping, install vinyl V strips, and finish it off with shrink film insulation for a lasting seal.

how to insulate windows from cold air

#2 Insulated Curtains

Beyond insulating the windows themselves, the next-best solution is to install insulated curtains throughout your house. These specialized curtains are designed to block the cold air from seeping into your home and are surprisingly effective.

They’re designed with four separate layers to stop cold air from entering, prevent heated air inside from being cooled, and deflect heat back into the house. Insulated curtains are available in every color and style imaginable, so consider upgrading yours today!

keep cold air out of windows

#3 Draft Snakes

Another popular and inexpensive way to keep cold air from coming through windows is to purchase draft stoppers or maker your own draft snakes. All you need is some fabric and your choice of stuffing to sew together a tubular, window-length wind blocker.

You can also buy fitted draft stoppers which seal firmly against both sides of the window for even better results. Do yourself a favor and shop for your draft snakes online, you’re bound to find some hilarious custom designs!

draft snake

#4 Double Pane Windows

Weather sealing, insulated curtains, and draft snakes are all helpful, but if you really want to keep cold air from coming through windows, you’ll want to upgrade to double pane windows. Nothing will prevent unwanted airflow and temperature fluctuations as well as double pane windows.

Double pane windows use two sheets of glass set within a single frame and filled with argon gas to block out wind and repel temperature changes. If you decide to purchase double pane windows, be sure to call the area’s most experienced window installation experts at Glass West.

double pane windows

There are plenty of easy ways to keep cold air out of windows. The best way to stay comfortable during the winter, save on energy bills, and add value to your home is to call Glass West today for their superior window service!

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