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How to Clean Window Screens: The Ultimate Guide

Cleaning dirty window screens is a project that some of us try to avoid for as long as possible. Dirty window screens not only block your view, but they can also have an effect on the air quality in your home. Find yourself wondering: How to clean window screens? Here are our top tips, tricks, and techniques for effortlessly clean window screens you’ll be proud to show off in this complete guide.

Follow These Tips On How to Clean Window Screens

When it’s time to clean the windows most people reach for the familiar tools: a lint-free cloth and streak-free glass cleaner of some sort. What do you reach for when it’s time to clean those dirty window screens? Follow these steps to learn how to clean window screens using tools you probably have lying around the house.

Full Window Screen Cleaning Steps

When you’ve decided it’s time to clean the window screens, removing them from the window is your first step.

1. Remove Window Screens

Some window frames have tabs that you’ll need to be mindful not to damage, so be careful on this part not to bend or break anything off. Try to place them someplace supported while you gather them from around your house, as sudden gusts of wind can easily scoop them off flat ground.

2. Mix Homemade Window Screen Cleaner

Once you’ve removed and gathered all of your screens, you’ll need to mix a batch of homemade window screen cleaner. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, you’ll just need a quarter cup of your favorite dish detergent, or vinegar if you prefer. Add your selected concentrate to a half-gallon of water and grab a sponge, rag, or towel.

3. Wash Screens with Cleaner

To wash them, place each one of them perpendicular to the ground and clean them individually with the homemade  window screen cleaner. It doesn’t much matter if you use a sponge or rage, but don’t be too rough. Wash them gently from top to bottom.

how to clean window screens

4. Rinse Off Screens

Once you’ve cleaned it, rinse off the screen before it dries using your hose. Using a lower setting can make this process a little easier, so don’t turn the pressure up too high. Damaging a screen while you’re trying to clean it is an even more tedious repair, so most of the time it’s better to replace it. If you have found yourself in this frustrating situation, take a look at our extensive window screen options.

5. Dry Window Screens

After you’ve washed your dirty window screens and rinsed them clean, they’ll need to sit for a few hours and dry. Luckily, this is a quick, laborless process, so while that’s going on you can do something else; like checking to make sure you didn’t miss any other screens! If you did, you probably won’t want to mix another batch of homemade window screen cleaner and get another sponge for just one or two dirty window screens. Wouldn’t it nice if there were some way how to clean line screens without removing them?

How to Clean Window Screens Without Removing Them

When you’ve found that you have dirty window screens, you’ll have to decide if it’s a better idea to remove them from the windows altogether to clean them or to just go ahead and clean them while they’re still installed. Do a quick inspection of the screen; if they’re relatively clean but still visibly dirty, you can get away with these simple window screen cleaning hacks.

window screen cleaning hacks
  • Lint Roller: How to clean window screens that aren’t too dirty? Probably the easiest way is to use a lint roller, and it’s just as easy as it sounds. Just grab a fresh lint roller and run it over the screen to pick up smaller pieces of dust and other airborne particles.
  • Vacuum: Another quick option is to use your vacuum cleaner. The detachable hose with a brush attachment is a helpful tool to use.
  • Toothbrush: If you need to deep clean something caked into a window screen, consider using a toothbrush. The bristles are finer and can safely navigate the mesh on a finer scale.

Even the most careful hand and a meticulous plan can only postpone the inevitable. At some point, your screens might be beyond cleaning. When you find that you are in need of a window screen replacement, remember that Glass West has a wide selection of replacement screens to suit your needs.

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