If you live on the 3rd floor of an apartment building or have a two-story house, you’ve likely scratched your head wondering how to clean the outside of upstairs windows.

Cleaning the exterior of upstairs windows can feel like an impossible chore. Most people try to clean their upstairs windows by leaning dangerously outside of the window, climbing up a wobbly latter, or purchasing expensive cleaning equipment. The good news is that you don’t need to risk your life or spend hundreds of dollars on professional cleaning equipment to clean your upstairs windows.

Hire a Professional Window Cleaner

If you’re want to have the outside of your upstairs windows cleaned really well (especially if you are trying to sell your house or rent your apartment), you might consider calling a local window cleaner to complete the chore for you. The cost to have someone come to your home and clean the windows typically ranges from $99 – $300, depending on the size, location, and quantity of windows you need to have cleaned. Some of our favorite Sacramento area window cleaners are:

  • Clean Choice. This company does residential pressure washing, window washing, and gutter cleaning.
  • Squeaky Clean Window Cleaners. This company cleans windows, gutters, and blinds.
  • Mr. Window Cleaner Co. This company offers window cleaning, gutter cleaning, power wash, screen repair, water spot removal and track cleaning.

However, if you want to tackle the upstairs window on your own, you can do it yourself for under $50!

DIY Upstairs Window Cleaning

Cleaning the exterior of your upstairs window can be a challenging and dangerous chore. We like The Glider because it makes cleaning upstairs window easy, safe, and affordable.

The Glider is a “magnetic window cleaner” that simultaneously cleans the inside and outside of your upstairs windows. Simply spray the outside of the window and connect the Glider to the window surface. Brilliant!

how to clean upstairs window

If you’re tired of gazing out of dirty upstairs windows, pick up The Glider online. Prices range from $47 to $79 (depending on the thickness of your window). Learn more about the Glider here.

Learn how The Glider works in this demo video: