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how to insulate windows to keep heat out

How to Block Heat from Windows this Summer

Summertime in Sacramento can be a cooker! Temperatures get hot enough that trying to stay out of the heat becomes a full-time job. Having a way to block heat from windows makes the summer more bearable. We’ll explain 5 different ways to make it happen.

5 Ways to Block Heat from Windows

Install Insulated Window Shades

Wondering how to insulate your windows for summer? Try installing insulated window shades to reduce heat gain. Insulated shades are an effective way to block heat from windows and are a great way to add comfort and value to your home.

Insulated shades have a honeycomb-like pattern that traps air and essentially acts as an extra window pane. They are typically considered to have the highest R-values, thus offering a significant reduction in heat conduction through the window.

how to insulate your windows for summer
Image from Green Building Advisor

Use Blackout Curtains

When trying to determine how to insulate windows to keep heat out, blackout curtains enters the conversation. Many people think of these only as a way to block out light when someone needs to sleep during the daytime or to help children get to sleep when it’s still sunny outside.

Blackout curtains do more than just make the room comfortably dark. Blackout curtains cover the window completely to block heat from windows by blocking up to 99% of light, providing a 25% increase in energy efficiency. These curtains come in a variety of styles to match the decor and can offer a dramatic reduction in heat loss.

Install Weather Stripping

It never hurts to know what to put on windows to keep heat out. Proper weather stripping seals the windows to reduce the air transfer that results in heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Make sure all weatherstripping is in great shape and undamaged. When installing new weatherstripping, ensure you are choosing the correct material for your environmental conditions.

block heat from windows
Image from Home Tips

Use Window Film

An excellent way to block heat from windows is with window film. Use window film to block sun heat, UV radiation, and reduce glare while maintaining an unobstructed view through the windows. Window film is also a good option for hard-to-fit window sizes or out of reach window locations. Low-E window films are a popular choice for blocking heat and increasing energy efficiency.

Replace Your Windows

Sometimes adding window coverings or film is not the best option. If windows are old and worn, damaged, or generally not in good repair, it may be best to replace them.

In order to have energy efficient windows, your best bet is to begin with a window that is already designed for energy efficiency. The window frame, window installation, and window components all contribute to the window’s efficiency. If any of these components are in need to repair, you’re already a step behind.

Replacing old windows with energy-efficient ones makes sense with today’s rising energy costs. Add window film, shades, or energy-efficient curtains and you’ve created a winning combination of high efficiency and comfort.

Glass West is known for the quality window replacement Sacramento communities need. Contact us today for your free estimate and stop losing the battle against the heat!

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