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halloween window decoration ideas

Fall & Halloween Window Decoration Ideas

When it comes to seasonal decorating, fall and Halloween are some of the most popular themes around. Try these festive fall and Halloween window decoration ideas in your home this year!

Best Window Decorations for Fall & Halloween

Spooky Windows

Here a few Halloween window decoration ideas for the dark-souled Halloween fans to explore- if you thrive on the fright of the night, these are for you!

Dark Curtains – Create a frightening scene from your favorite movie by staging ghoulish figures inside the windows. Hang sheer curtains behind, and some black torn up cheesecloth around for added effect. Direct red light to shine on the character to really create a creepy scene!

Window Projections – Use white drapes, a projector, and some scary effects DVDs to create a haunting scene that will embody the spirit of Halloween is a realistic movable projection.

Cheesecloth Drapes – Layer sheer drapes and black cheesecloth to make your windows look old and ominous. Add a floating skull as something dark lurking inside. If you want inexpensive and creepy Halloween window decoration ideas, this is perfect.

halloween window decor

Kid-friendly Windows

Looking to jazz up your window for Halloween but don’t want to scare the kids too badly? These Halloween window decoration ideas will get everyone in the spirit without nightmares to follow.

Yarn Spider Web – Create a giant spider web using black yarn and plastic spiders. Beware of spider trick-or-treaters!

Bat Cave Scene – Create a bat cave that can be viewed inside and out. Use cheap purple plastic tablecloths (think Dollar Store) to hang from the windows and various sized paper bats to create a scene of bats flying around a cave. Illuminating the window from the inside will give trick-or-treaters an eyeful from the street. Shining light from the outside will liven up your indoor Halloween party!

halloween bat window

Ghost Cut-Outs – Cut out cute ghost shapes in black that will peek out from behind drapes. Little ones will be greeted by these friendly Halloween ghosts!

halloween window cut outs

Fall Window Decorations

Fall Window Boxes

There’s nothing like welcoming fall with seasonal window box decorations. You can spruce up an existing window box by adding some small pumpkins, dried seed pods, and strategically placed colorful mums. If you have a new window box or an old one that’s ready for a face-lift, you can arrange colorful items in the spirit of autumn:

  • fall flowers, such as mums of various colors
  • ornamental kale
  • Dried seed pods
  • Dried pomegranate, artichoke, or other fall fruit/vegetable
  • Dried leaves, twigs, cattails
  • Small pumpkins and/or gourds
  • Burlap ribbon

fall window box ideas

Fall Window Decorations

Fall Leaves Stained Glass – This is a fun idea for fall window decorations that can be done as a family. Take the kids for a walk and collect fresh or dried fall leaves of every color you can find.

Using contact paper that you can buy online or from a craft store, place the leaves face down to the sticky side of the contact paper. Next, simply adhere the contact paper like a giant sticker to the window. When the season is over or you get tired of it, it’s super easy to peel off and do something new again.

Candy Corn Candles – There is something about fall that makes candy corn almost impossible to pass up! This is one of the most fun and simple fall window decorations to create.

Fill some medium to large mason jars with candy corns (try not to eat them all!) and nestle a flameless (artificial) candle on the top. Place the mason jars on the window sill and enjoy the sweet decor!

candy corn window display

Cascade of Leaves – Using fishing line, glue or thread real or artificial leaves every few inches down a length of fishing line to fit your window. Create several pieces of these cascading leaves. Fasten the long pieces of cascading leaves to one long twig or piece of twine to hang across the top of your window. You will have a fall-inspired window of color to enjoy all season long!


If during your seasonal decorating you’ve noticed your windows needing some attention, now is the time to call Glass West and let us prepare your home for winter. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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