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Glass West’s Ultimate Guide to Commercial Windows

If you’re a commercial property owner chances are you’re interested in lowering daily operating costs and increasing your property value. One of the best ways to do this is decreasing your energy costs and becoming more “green” with energy-efficient commercial windows. Our guide to commercial windows reviews benefits such as a reduction in operating and maintenance costs and marketing advantages that can better your bottom line.

A Guide to Commercial Windows and their Universal Benefits

We understand that you have many priorities as a commercial property owner. But our guide to commercial windows’ benefits, as well as how different types of windows for commercial buildings can have specific advantages, is significant.

Benefits of Commercial Windows

It’s rare that one change can create almost instant improvement but energy-efficient commercial window replacement can be one of those changes. Older commercial windows can greatly increase your operating costs by allowing heat or cool air to come and go from your building. Replacing older windows could cost you significantly less in long-term energy costs. Other benefits of commercial window replacement include:

  • Less maintenance and repair costs
  • An increase in property value
  • A more environmentally sound, “green” operating system
  • A positive marketing feature and selling point to tenants

Best Commercial Glass for Storefronts

Your storefront is an advertising asset that draws people in and increases word-of-mouth. We have the best commercial windows for your specific storefront so that your window is truly a gateway to your enterprise:

  • Security and tempered glass: prevent customer injury by holding together when broken
  • Clear glass: lets in natural light and provides a premier area for product display
  • Frosted/tinted glass: allows for privacy while still providing natural light and a creative design opportunity

Benefits of Using Laminated Commercial Glass

Laminated glass is an innovation in glass technology and safety for larger commercial buildings. Using two stacks of glass that are intertwined with a plastic or polyvinyl compound, this glass is difficult to break and won’t shatter if it does. While commercial window pricing for laminated glass costs more upfront, its long-term benefits are significant:

  • Extreme durability, making it ideal protection from break-ins and natural disasters or for use in high-traffic areas
  • Superior soundproofing in noisy urban environments
  • Blocks 99% of UV emissions

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Create an Attractive Commercial Window Display

Our guide to commercial windows wouldn’t be complete without some tips for how to use your window to the utmost advantage. Here are some ideas for creating the ideal commercial window display for your business:

  • Create a theme that tells a story
  • Establish a focal point at your customer’s eye level
  • Provide effective lighting
  • Assess your window from every angle, not just directly in front of the display

Best Windows for Restaurants

While your food may be the talk of the town, quality commercial windows and doors will let passerby see what all the talk is about. Some of the best commercial glass for restaurants includes:

  • Picture windows: for large-scale viewing, inside and out
  • Casement windows: open in or out, letting in a temperate breeze and the sounds of nature
  • Awning windows: swing open from the bottom. These can also be placed on fixed windows or doors, allowing for both viewing and ventilation benefits.

Our guide to commercial windows is meant to illustrate how windows can be tailored for your specific professional needs and provide numerous benefits to a commercial property owner. The professionals at Glass West are experts in glass window repair and installation and are happy to answer any questions. Give us a call today!

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