Glass West is excited to announce the completion of another one of our projects with the Sacramento area Habitat for Humanity. The Glass West crew assisted with the redevelopment of a home located at 1017 Frienza St. in Sacramento, CA.

The Habitat for Humanity focuses on energy efficiency as part of their rebuild initiative so that they can help families afford their utilities and create a smaller footprint on the environment. They install onsite solar power, low-emissivity windows, attic insulations, compact fluorescent lights, exhaust fans with timers, and on-demand water heaters to make that possible. All these steps ensure the highest efficiency and lowest utility cost.

Habitat for Humanity Windows

Quality windows play an very crucial role in your home’s ability to retain heat and to stay cool. We donated Milgard Low-E windows, which are designed specifically to improve energy efficiency. These innovative windows feature a low-emission window coating designed to absorb the radiant energy, which lowers the emissivity rating by providing better insulation and reduced heat loss.

Glass West has greatly appreciated the support of our loyal customers throughout the greater Sacramento area. We participated in this project to give back to the community and return the blessings. We have been serving Sacramento since 1995 and we plan to continue our service for years to come. Visit the Sacramento Habitat for Humanity’s website for more information on volunteer opportunities. For more information about installing Low-E windows in your home, contact us at (916) 372-9391 today.

Glass West Donation