Continuing a strong tradition of caring about the community and helping those in need, Glass West has donated a substantial amount of glass to Ronald McDonald House. The glass will be used to cover dressers, tables, and nightstands, making the accommodations more welcoming and inviting.

Ronald McDonald House is a charitable organization that provides support for families whose children are facing medical problems. Many families have to travel long distances to get medical care for their children, and many cannot afford to pay for hotels for the amount of time their children are receiving medical care far from home.

Ronald McDonald House gives families a place to stay while their children are receiving treatment. It keeps families together during difficult times, and it helps families support each other in a community. Many parents and grandparents thank Ronald McDonald House for helping them make it through when a young loved one was facing a health crisis.

Having family close by is critical for young children who are recovering from illness or injury. Without Ronald McDonald House, many families would be sleeping in their cars or in hospital waiting rooms. At Ronald McDonald House, they can sleep in a real bed, and enjoy a private room. This gives them space to relax and unwind, as well as meet other families who share similar struggles.

The Ronald McDonald House is a wonderful organization. As a charity, it relies on the generosity of community members to be able to provide these services to the families in need. The Ronald McDonald House helps families who are facing a frightening and difficult time – the illness of a child. Glass West is proud to support this organization and to help families in need.

Glass Table Donation
Glass Table
Glass Top Drawers