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How Energy Efficient Commercial Windows Can Save Your Company Money

Improving the energy efficiency of any commercial building increases value. Going “green” is not just a trend, but a necessity as costs of living continue to rise and energy usage is a constant companion. Using energy efficient commercial windows may not be on your radar yet, but they are one of the best ways to “green” up your building and your budget. Energy efficient properties have higher selling prices and lower vacancy rates.

Unless you have a recently constructed building, chances are you need to evaluate the energy efficiency of your windows. Whether lowering operating costs or increasing property value is your focus, there are windows to meet every need.

FAQ: Energy Efficient Commercial Windows

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

You may be wondering exactly how do energy efficient windows work? Well, windows, doors, and skylights all gain and lose heat from ambient temperatures and leaks in window seals. Energy efficient commercial windows are designed to minimize this effect and protect inside temperatures from fluctuating.

In addition to the reduction in energy costs, you also gain the benefit of natural lighting, which provides health benefits and is a natural mood booster.

Let’s delve into the continued benefits of using energy efficient windows and how they benefit a commercial business.

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Reduces Operating Costs

Commercial window energy efficiency is sometimes a low priority. Compared to the urgent list of to-do items, energy efficient commercial windows simply take a backseat. But windows are a constant drain to operating costs, so they shouldn’t be neglected.

Windows with leaky seals of poor emissivity ratings are costing you money. Heating and cooling expenses can be greatly reduced year round by using efficient windows. Design experts can help you decide on the best window glass for your needs.

Less Maintenance and Repair

Commercial office building windows need regular maintenance just like our homes. However, if your windows are getting old and you are repairing them more and more frequently, then it may be more cost effective to make the change to energy efficient commercial windows now. Replacing your old windows with new efficient ones means your upcoming maintenance and repair will be minimal.

Increases Property Value

There is no denying that energy efficient commercial windows increase property value. Studies show that efficient commercial properties have higher sale prices, rental prices, and asset valuation. Love your window display? You can create the perfect window display on highly efficient glass and double the win!

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Occupants are More Comfortable

Everyone wants to be comfortable when they are indoors. Energy efficient commercial buildings help keep temperatures cool in the summer and warm in the winter. When tenants are comfortable, they like to stay put. Happy tenants mean spaces are occupied and vacancies are minimal.

Great for Marketing and Tenant Retention

Energy efficient commercial windows are a great selling point overall. People know they will be comfortable, operating costs are reduced, and they are supporting what is best for the environment. These benefits are ideal for marketing since you can enjoy advertising as a “green” office building. Green living is important to tenants, therefore providing the opportunity for rental longevity.

Windows are the first impression of your commercial business. Glass West can help you enjoy the best energy efficient windows available and improve your property instantly. Call us to receive a free estimate on commercial window glass for your property today.

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