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Do You Need to Replace Your Entire Window?

Do you need to replace your entire window? Possibly yes, possibly no. Our recommendation varies based on the type of window you have and the issue you are having with your window. In some cases, you may have the option to repair the window. While repairing will save you money in the short-term, replacing your window will make your home more energy-efficient (likely saving you money in the long-term). Here are some common cases that we see:

Should You Replace Your Entire Window?

Cracked single-pane window. If you have a small hole in your window (from perhaps a pellet bullet or pebble), you could temporarily fix the crack by dabbing clear nail polish into the hole and letting it dry. Repeat this process until it’s flush with the glass. It’s entirely possible that you won’t need to replace the window if you’re pleased with the results. In cases of more severe cracks or shattered glass, the pane will likely need to be replaced (beyond short-term repairs). For details about short-term solutions and steps to replacing a cracked single pane window yourself, read our blog entry here.

Cracked dual-pane window. Even if only one of the panes of your dual-pane has suffered damage, it’s highly recommended that the whole window unit is replaced as soon as possible. When either of the panes breaks, the sealed airspace (which is often filled with gas) is also breached. This weakens the strength of the other pane as well. So while replacing only one pane is possible, it’s usually not practical. It’s a much trickier job than replacing the whole unit, and would very likely be less cost effective for you as a result.

Decaying window frame. If you notice signs that water has penetrated around the frame, it will need to be repaired quickly. Otherwise, the window will need to be replaced entirely. If you notice condensation between the layers of glass, this is a sign that the sash or the window needs to be replaced. This kind of damage may be covered by your warranty, so be sure to check before you get it replaced.

Jammed sashes. This is an issue that likely can be repaired without replacing any parts. Try applying the bottom of a white candle along the bottom and sides of the window. This should hopefully allow the window to slide as it should.

Glass West is here to help. If you’re in the greater Sacramento area, contact us today for a free estimate!

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