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How to Create the Perfect Commercial Window Display Ideas for Your Business – Tips, Tricks, & Ideas

Bringing in new business is easier when you have an eye-catching window display. It may not be as difficult to create as you think. With some clever and creative commercial window display ideas, you can implement this proven marketing strategy and have fun doing it!

Creative Commercial Window Display Ideas

We found some fun ideas to get your creative energy buzzing! A variety of creative commercial window display ideas provides an opportunity to change your window displays as often as needed. Avoid stale marketing (boring) and keep your windows working for you all year round.

Start with a Quality Commercial Window

An artist always begins with a quality “canvas” and your storefront windows are no different. Any good window display begins with quality commercial glass.

For creative commercial window display ideas to really showcase what your business offers, the display needs to be the focal point without the distraction of the window itself. If your windows are dirty, damaged, or just not right for the job, the potential for your display is diminished.

commercial window display ideas

How to Create a Commercial Window Display

Get out your pen and paper because your window is about to tell a story. Storytelling is a strategic business tool and effective commercial window display ideas start and end with a good story.

Step 1 – Decide on a theme

Brainstorm and sketch out your ideas on paper. Your window theme should tell a story. For example:

  • Instead of a generic Christmas theme,  create a Nutcracker theme
  • Instead of Valentine, unleash the “Mischevious Cupid”
  • Instead of Halloween, think Charlie Brown’s “The Great Pumpkin”

Step 2 – Create a focal point

Step into the customer’s shoes for a minute. By standing outside and facing your window as the customers would, you get a clear view of where the focal point should be.

The focal point of your display is where you want the customer’s attention to be focused. The intention here is to catch someone’s eye even from across the street.

Determine where the eye-level would be and the center line of the window, then imagine your visual display accordingly. Use painters tape to mark where you might want to hang items within your display.

Step 3 – Give it good lighting

Lighting creates mood, ambiance, and directs the eyes to the focal point of the display. When designing commercial window display ideas, lighting should be more than an afterthought.

Create an effective window display by using dramatic lighting effects. Highlight certain products or give more of a 3D effect by lighting using different angles from the front and the sides of the window.

Step 4 – Look at it from different angles

Your window display will be viewed as people are passing by, which means they are rarely standing directly in front of the window. Pretend you are a customer and walk by your window display from different directions, looking from all angles. Make sure everything looks the way you want and is visually balanced.

commercial window display ideas
Image from Pinterest

Creative Window Display Ideas on Pinterest

If you get your jollies by combing Pinterest for inspiration, then check out these great display ideas:

Creative Displays

commercial window installation

Clothing Displays

clothing window merchandising

Boutique Displays

clothing window merchandising

Holiday Displays

christmas store display

When your business needs the best commercial window installation in the Sacramento region, Glass West is the team you call. Our experts specialize in installing the highest quality storefront windows for your business. Contact Glass West today for a free estimate.

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