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what is the difference between commercial and residential windows

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Glass vs Residential Glass?

Originally intended to serve in functionality, the window has come a long way in the last two thousand years. Single-hung, palladium, bay, bow, hopper – window diversity has transformed glass architecture into a necessary industry of style. Not only are windows distinguished by shape and size, but also the glass used on a business is different than that featured on a house. What is the difference between commercial and residential windows? Size distinction aside, when it comes to commercial glass vs residential glass, each type is manufactured with purpose at the forefront.

Is Commercial Window Glass
Different from Regular Glass?

With respect to glass types, is commercial better than residential? It is better construction-wise, but only out of necessity. From regulating temperature to shielding inclement weather, commercial-grade windows demand certain qualities not begged by residential circumstances.

To help distinguish the two, we’ll look at the safety, environmental, and engineering reasons behind commercial glass vs residential glass.

Window Materials

Both commercial and residential windows are configured to excel in their own roles. Since most residential windows don’t have issues with high altitudes, their glass doesn’t require as much thickness or reinforcement as it would with commercial.

is commercial better than residential

Commercial buildings are often larger and contain more warm bodies, meaning they corral heat faster. This is why commercial windows are coated with materials to filter out most of the sunlight, reducing heat conversion.

To keep the building cool while still allowing light to enter, not to mention cut down on energy costs, commercial windows come with a special glazing reinforcement.

Strength and Durability

Commercial buildings are structured to withstand degrees of high winds that residential buildings aren’t subjected to. While windows in residential homes can undergo periodical replacement, commercial buildings are designed in a way where they don’t need replacing.

That’s not to say that residential homes don’t have sturdy, reliable windows. Replacing a commercial window, especially one on a skyscraper, is simply more challenging than changing a residential window.

Windows on a residential home are also often pre-made and require less time to install. Commercial buildings, on the other hand, are typically customized and require a crane or specialized equipment for installation.

best glass for commercial buildings

Energy Efficiency

Both commercial and residential windows have made vast strides in energy conservation. In recent decades, residential window manufacturers have implemented methods of preventing air leakage as well as unwanted heat loss or gain.

Outside of environmental ambitions, the necessary spending to keep a business ticking has propelled business owners to consider cost effective strategies. Commercial structures have more people occupying the building, they use multiple computers, and they contain commercial grade lighting. This means that their HVAC systems work overtime.

As mentioned, for example, most commercial windows come with a glazed layer to allow light to pass through the glass without overheating the building. If you’re a business owner, ensure your environmental and cost-cutting maximization with our commercial window guide.

commercial glass vs residential glass

Overall Cost

The biggest variance in commercial glass vs residential glass is the cost. Residential grade material and simpler installation anchor a home’s affordability factor. Because commercial windows are constructed with more material, are thicker, and are infused with advanced window technology to safeguard stability, they’re tagged with an elevated price.

If you’re a homeowner considering commercial grade windows for residential use, keep in mind that residential windows are still qualified to protect your home with proficiency. Commercial glass is only advanced because it is required to handle the needs of commercial buildings.

For more information on the best glass for commercial buildings or residential and commercial window installation, contact the experts at Glass West.

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