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Commercial Glass Door Styles

Commercial glass doors are an important part of any business. They provide a stylish, professional look while also providing security and privacy. There are several commercial glass door styles, each with its own benefits.

Types of Commercial Glass Doors

Tempered Glass Doors

The most common type of material used in commercial glass doors is tempered glass. Tempered glass is known for its strength and durability, as it is four to five times stronger than standard glass. It is also highly resistant to extreme temperatures, making it ideal for commercial applications. Additionally, tempered glass does not shatter or break into sharp pieces when broken, which can help reduce potential harm in the event of an accident.

commercial glass door styles

Laminated Glass Doors

Laminated glass is another popular commercial glass door material. It is composed of two sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer sandwiched between them. This makes laminated glass incredibly tough and impact-resistant, and it has the added benefit of providing better sound insulation than other materials. Laminated glass also offers superior security measures compared to other commercial door materials due to its ability to hold together even when shattered.

Insulated Glass Doors

Insulated commercial glass doors are commonly used in areas where temperature regulation is important. These types of commercial doors feature two sheets of glass that are separated by a spacer and sealed with an airtight edge seal. This creates an insulated barrier between the outside environment and the interior of the building, helping to maintain a more comfortable and consistent temperature.

Aluminum Frame Commercial Glass Doors

The most popular commercial glass door option is those with an aluminum frame. These doors are strong and durable, as well as rust-resistant. The aluminum frame also provides additional support for the commercial glass panels, making them more secure and stable. Additionally, aluminum frames are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so commercial glass doors can be customized to match the look of a building’s exterior.

No matter which type of commercial glass door you choose, they all offer unique benefits. Tempered glass is strong and durable while laminated glass provides superior security and sound insulation. Insulated commercial glass doors can help to regulate the temperature of a building, while aluminum frames offer increased support. With all these advantages, commercial glass doors are an excellent choice for any business or commercial application. Contact our commercial glass repair Sacramento experts for help with your next project.

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