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Can You Repair Glass Windows?

Are you wondering whether you can repair a glass window yourself? Depending on the severity of the break, you may be able to manage a DIY window repair with success; particularly if the repair is minor and/or it’s a single pane window. There also some quick fix/stop-gap solutions if you’re not able to fully repair your window right away. We’ll start with the quick fix solutions:

can you repair glass windows

Can You Repair Glass Windows- Quick Fixes

  • Small Hole. If you have a small hole in your window (from perhaps a pellet bullet or pebble), clear nail polish could be your hero. Dab the clear nail polish into the hole and let dry. Repeat this process until it’s flush with the glass. It’s entirely possible you won’t need to replace the pane if you’re pleased with the results.
  • For Cracking. Sometimes older windows can develop cracks through ordinary wear and tear over the years. For a temporary fix, put on some thick gloves and firmly apply masking tape to both sides of the crack. This will help prevent cold air and bugs from entering your house in the short term.
  • Shattered Glass. Before handling any of the glass, be sure to put on thick gloves and safety goggles. Remove the remaining glass from the window pane. Then staple a piece of a heavy-duty garbage bag (or other thick plastic) onto the surrounding sash. Like with the cracking solution, this is a great short-term solution.

Can You Repair Glass Windows- Single Pane

These instructions are to replace a shattered/cracked single pane window with a wooden frame:

  1. To start, you’ll want to brush raw linseed oil on the putty surrounding the window pane. Letting it soak for a bit will allow the putty to be removed easier with a chisel/scraper/utility knife.
  2. Put on heavy-duty work gloves and safety goggles and then proceed to remove the putty with a chisel, scraper, or utility knife. You may need to use some long-nose pliers to remove metal fasteners (also called glazier points) from the frame.
  3. Carefully remove the remaining glass from the frame.
  4. Measure for how much glass you’ll need. Subtract an eight of an inch to allow for an easier fit. It’s recommended you get it cut for you by a professional (such as at a hardware store). Taking a shard of the glass (wrapped in newspaper) to the store with you will help your dealer match up your replacement glass to the existing glass.
  5. Clean and prime the wood frame and allow it to dry.
  6. Carefully put the new glass pane into the opening.
  7. Use glazier points on each side of the frame to keep the glass in place, while you fill the opening between the glass and frame with glazing putty.
  8. Allow the putty to thoroughly dry. Then, prime and paint over the putty to finish the job.

Can You Repair Glass Windows- Dual Pane

A dual pane glass window repair can be much more complex than a single pane window repair. There are high-tech types of glass (e.g. low-E, gas-filled) that have to special-ordered to be replaced. While these types of glass are certainly more durable, there are times when these windows break and need to replacement. If your dual pane glass window needs replacing, or if you’re not up for replacing your single pane window yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are proud to provide glass repair service to the greater Sacramento area.

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