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5 Best Places for Mirrors in Your Home or Business

Most decorating trends come and go, but for centuries mirrors have ornamented rooms while also performing important functions. We’ll review their biggest benefits as well as the best places for mirrors from closet doors to fully mirrored walls.

Creating the Best Places for Mirrors at Home or at Work

Before we discuss mirror placement in the house and at work we’ll first examine the biggest benefits of mirrors. With some strategic placement or professional installation, the best places for mirrors can enhance any home, office or commercial setting.

Benefits of Mirrors in a Home or Business

In addition to cluing us into our own appearance, mirrors can also benefit the personal or professional space around us. Here are just some of the ways mirrors can improve our home’s décor or any business operation:

  • Reflecting either natural or electric light, making a room brighter
  • Tricking the eye to make a small space seem larger
  • Making a decorative statement with its size or a decorative frame
  • Providing additional security in a store or restaurant

Tailoring different types of mirrors to specific settings like a bedroom or office space can further enhance these benefits. Here are some specific mirror setups that improve settings both at home and at work.

#1 – Mirrors in the Bathroom

One of the best places for mirrors has long been the bathroom, a dedicated place to focus on our appearance. A well-placed and well-lit mirror provides you with a more accurate reflection. As bathrooms can be smaller spaces, a mirror can also brighten the room.  These mirror options can help make the most of your bathroom:

  • Lighted mirrors to reflect greater detail and brighten the bathroom
  • Framed mirrors to add a decorative touch
  • Unframed mirrors to add a feeling of space
  • Customized shapes and sizes for any bathroom configuration

best places for mirrors

#2 – Bedroom Mirrors

Another space that can be the best place to put a mirror in your house is the bedroom. After all, we often spend the majority of our time here preparing ourselves to leave for the day. Mirrors can also add a decorative touch to this personal space and reflect light, making them one of the best tips to brighten a dark room. Here are mirror ideas tailored to benefit a bedroom:

  • Framed, free-standing mirrors for top-to-bottom reflection
  • Three-sided mirrors to reflect all angles
  • Wall mirrors to maximize reflection while saving space
  • Closet mirrors for additional space-saving

#3 – Closet Door Mirrors

These mirrors provide the utmost in convenience, as they’re right there when you open the closet to get dressed. Leaving the closet door open or mounting the mirror on the outside of the closet door can also brighten a small space and make it seem larger. Custom mirrors can be designed to fit any closet door no matter how big or small.

mirror placement in the house

#4 – Framed Mirrors

A framed mirror brings an instant decorative flair to a home or office. Placed above a fireplace mantel or in the entryway, it can be an attractive focal point that reflects light and increases brightness. Mirrors can also be customized to fit any size frame for any size space.

#5 – Full Mirror Walls

Some of the more popular commercial mirrors are often full mirror walls. Ideal for dance studios, gyms and beauty salons, full mirror walls offer the most reflective capacity. A mirrored wall can also make an enclosed space feel larger and brighter. Meanwhile, mirrored walls can provide a business owner with greater security, affording comprehensive views of the room’s activity.

benefits of mirrors
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Glass West is the Sacramento area’s premier mirror installation and repair service. We’re happy to help you find the best places for mirrors in your home or business to maximize their appeal.

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