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benefits of natural light in the workplace

What Are the Benefits of Natural Light?

When winter makes for shorter days and more time indoors, our access to natural light often decreases. Why is natural light important in a house or office? Light from the sun can lift our mood, reduce stress and boost productivity. Learn more about the benefits of natural light and how to add more of it to your daily life all year long.

The Benefits of Natural Light and How to Access It

Though increasing our access to natural light seems as simple as going outside, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Cold temperatures and long workdays often keep us inside and away from the benefits of natural light. We’ll detail what those benefits are and how to maximize them but, first, defining natural light can help better our understanding of it.

What Is Natural Light?

Natural light is, quite simply, light that comes from nature. While natural light sources include the moon, stars, fire, and even lightning, the sun is our main source of natural light every day. Even on cloudy days, the sun gives light, providing brightness to all living things. 

While being outside gives us access to natural light, we can also access it indoors through glass windows and doors. We can also reflect this light throughout a room with mirrors that amplify it. When we use windows, doors, and mirrors effectively, there are multiple natural light benefits that improve the quality of our everyday life.

benefits of natural light

Natural Light Benefits

The benefits of natural light extend through almost every aspect of our well being, from our moods to our performance and physical health.

These are some of the most important natural light benefits:

  • Elevates mood: Natural light can be our main source of Vitamin D, which has proven effective in fighting depression. Studies have even shown that exposure to just 30 minutes of natural light each day decreases stress and anxiety.
  • Improves physical health: Natural light has been proven to reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also reduce the effects of chronic pain, while Vitamin D increases the production of T cells that fight viruses and bacteria.
  • Increases productivity and revenue: One of the biggest benefits of natural light in the workplace is that it boosts productivity, energizing workers and helping them feel more engaged. More high-quality work can translate to increased revenue for businesses and greater employee satisfaction and retention.
  • Decreases utility costs: When designed and constructed effectively, windows and doors can let in enough light to decrease the need for alternative heat and lighting. This can decrease utility bills and save resources.

why is natural light important in a house

Here’s How to Get More Natural Light

Considering these natural light benefits, how can we increase our access to it at home and at work?

Here’s how to add natural light to your daily life:

  • Avoid using heavy drapes, shades, or furniture that block windows.
  • Use these mirror placement tips to reflect natural light from windows.
  • Install glass doors, or doors with windows, wherever possible.
  • Keep windows clean to let the maximum amount of natural light shine through.
  • Relocate desks, cubicles, and communal meeting areas for better access to windows or skylights.

Considering a new window installation to boost access to natural light? The technicians at Glass West can install the best options, maximizing the benefits of natural light at home or at work. Start planning with us today!

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