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5 Valentine’s Day Window Display Ideas

It’s time to get into the season of love with a warm and inviting Valentine’s Day window display. There are endless possibilities for the creative DIY type, even if you happen to be on a budget.

To help you out, we found 5 Valentine’s Day window display ideas that are sure to make passersby stop in their tracks.

Paper hearts

For many of us, the paper heart was the very first craft project we ever did. Not only is it very easy to make, but you can make a lot of them without spending too much time or money.

While red and pink construction paper is the obvious choice for your hearts, consider using printed paper: books, sheet music, newspaper, or anything that might make them stand out. If the display is for your business, consider a magazine or catalog specializing in your product. Try alternating colors and patterns to create dissonance.

There are several different ways to create and display a paper heart including:

Try combining these methods for some stunning effects.


Tissue Paper Flowers

Second perhaps only to the heart, the flower is an enduring symbol of love and romance. You can always buy real flowers, but they will wilt quickly. Fake fabric flowers rarely make an impression, but tissue paper is wonderful at replicating the bright colors, subtle transparency, and delicate beauty of flower petals.

The methods for creating the flowers are almost as diverse as the flowers themselves, so try mixing and matching to create a virtual garden of tissue paper.

And if you are feeling more ambitious, you can craft a full-sized tissue paper rosette topiary.

Window Clings

No matter what design you use, window clings are a cheap and easy way to decorate your window. With only a few affordable supplies, you can create your own window cling designs. Try messages of “love” and “romance” juxtaposed with hearts, lips, flowers, or butterflies. Create a frame around the window to highlight other elements in your display. The right design on your window can really make your display pop!



Not only are Cupid’s arrows a classical allusion to enduring love, but they are great for drawing attention. A few well-placed arrows can draw the eye to other decorations, products, or your business name.

Arrows are easy to make in bulk, so whether you are filling a quiver, arranging the arrows in a heart shape, or using them to highlight your merchandise, they make a wonderful addition to your window display.


Giant Candy Hearts

Candy hearts have remained a Valentine’s Day tradition, because they are just so darn cute. Fortunately, they are also very easy to create out of styrofoam. Just a couple of these can really fill out the empty places in your window display, and you can write any message you want to personalize them to your business.

With these simple suggestions, you’ll be able to craft a magnificent Valentine’s Day window display without spending a lot of time or money.

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