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4th of July Fireworks Advice For Pets: Love ‘em Don’t Leave ‘em!

4th of July Fireworks Advice For Pets: Love ‘em Don’t Leave ‘em!

So you’re planning a night o’ fun for the 4th of July, either via a backyard BBQ or a tour de fireworks in Sacramento — with all of your best friends?! Hold on one shaggy second. You might be forgetting one very important thing: your other best friend. Your dog (or cat)!

Yes, remember that person-ish who’s been there by your side every day for the last umpteen days? The one who licks your face and sits when you tell him to sit? Good dog. Well, he needs you now more than ever because one of scariest days of the year is about to happen: America’s B-day — and the fireworks that come with it.

So, here’s a list of ways you can help America be your dog’s best friend, too.

  • Stay home or have a friend or relative stay home with your pup or kitty.
  • Create a “nest” for your dog or cat or a sound proof nook or fort for them to hide in.
  • Join them in this safe haven if possible and reassure them.

4th of July Fireworks Advice For Pets: Love ‘em Don’t Leave ‘em!

  • Let them be a part of your celebration at home or let them hide — just let them be wherever they feel most comfortable.
  • Give them treats. If you don’t know which foods are poisonous (even some veggies are poisonous) to dogs or cats, than educated yourself. Otherwise… we say… let them eat hot dogs! (or a bite of one anyway!) And yes, dogs can have watermelon (just no seeds).

4th of July Fireworks Advice For Pets: Love ‘em Don’t Leave ‘em!

  • Sometimes, having a doggy friend over for a play date can be a nice distraction. But don’t leave them unattended! Always supervise play dates, especially on occasions and holidays such as the 4th. If they tucker themselves out before the thunder of fireworks begins, that’s even better.
  • Never apply human sunscreen, insect repellent or citronella on or around dogs as all are poisonous.
  • Remember: pets do as people do. If you are calm, they will be calm. However if your pet runs away, talk to neighbors and then check the shelters. Always have your animal properly identified.

Have any ideas or tips that we missed? Chime in!

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