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Small Room? Use These 3 Tricks to Make a Room Look Bigger

Home designs are trending towards energy efficiency, lower carbon footprints, and making the best out of existing spaces. Whether it’s a small apartment-style living room or a petite bedroom, there are a variety of tips and tricks to make a room look bigger than it actually is.

Trick the Eye to Make a Room Look Bigger

Small room design doesn’t have to feel cramped or suffocating. Simple changes in the way a room is arranged can make major differences. A claustrophobia-inducing cottage-sized room can become an inviting interior when certain conscious choices in design are made.

1. Select the Right Colors: How to Make Your Room Look Bigger with Paint

Are you searching for “how to make room look bigger with paint?”. Colors are key in your quest to make a room look inviting. Your choice of paint colors can be one of the most dramatic game-changers to make a room look larger than it actually is. Conversely, the wrong choice in the paint can also make a small room look and feel even smaller.

Many designers will recommend small rooms be painted flat-white on all walls, with satin-white on the ceiling. The reflective quality of white helps brighten up, and open up, a room. Boundaries where wall-meets-wall are also not obvious when a room is white, so it elongates the perceived depth of the space.

If white-on-white does not sound exciting enough for your room, variations of light colors can be used to make a room look bigger. The room’s color palette should be composed of tints and hues surrounding one of the lighter, primary colors. Many designers recommend painting the ceiling of a room the lightest of all of the walls, making it seem higher than it actually is.

Image Source: The Spruce

For an excellent guide on how to use paint according to your room wishes, visit The Spruce for more tips on making a room look bigger with paint.

2. Use Mirrors: How to Use Mirrors to Make a Room Look Bigger

“How to make a room look bigger” is a common topic that can involve mirrors. It’s quite likely that you’ve heard this tip before: Use mirrors to make room look bigger. However, the wrong mirror in the wrong place can have unintended consequences. For small room design, mirrors can be used to trick the eye into thinking there is more space than is actually there. The key to this sort of optical illusion is picking a large wall mirror that will reflect the image of windows or other spaces into the small room.

Depending on the size of your space, the elements in your room, and your design desires, you’ll want to do a bit of reading on picking the right mirror for your small room design. A great source of information on using mirrors in your small space is Apartment Therapy’s Guide for Using Mirrors.

mirrors to make room look bigger
Image Source: Apartment Therapy

Glass West is proud to offer the service of custom-made mirrors for your interior design needs. We cut and install a wide variety of mirror types, from bathroom mirrors to large framed wall-sized mirrors. For more details about our custom mirrors, or to begin designing your perfect mirror, give Glass West a call today.

3. Keep it Simple: Creating an Open, Inviting Space

Another key to make a room look bigger is to keep it simple. Elements within the room should be placed consciously to avoid a cluttered feel. A minimalistic design helps to create an open, inviting space. This is achieved by avoiding too much of anything. Too many knick-knacks, framed photos or art, or a variety of too many patterns within the room will distract the eye, making the room feel uninviting.

For further reading on expert tips to make a room look bigger, visit Remodelista.

how to make a room look bigger
Image Source: Remodelista

Whatever your glass or mirror needs, give Glass West a call today to begin your custom project.

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